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SOLD: 2000 Insight MT, 136K miles, $2000 / best offer

|| SOLD. ||

2000 silver Honda Insight
5 speed manual transmission
136034 miles
$2000 / best offer
Vancouver, WA, USA (across the river from Portland, OR)

• Honda replaced the battery in January 2013. It's weak, but is being maintained with a Hybrid Automotive grid charger. It feels about half as strong as a new battery: not zippy, but WAY better than a dead IMA system. It's remained good enough that I haven't felt the need to swap in one of Bumblebee's excellent replacements, even though Bumblebee is only twenty miles away. However I do about 70% highway driving with lights on, otherwise the charge level tends to hover around 50%, and prolonged city stop-and-go will drain it pretty deeply.
• Transmission is in good condition: minor gear noise in 1st, but all shifts are smooth and easy.
• No engine codes ever. No IMA codes since reconditioning the pack with the Hybrid Automotive discharger in December 2015, and topping it off with a grid charge every five days of inactivity since then.
• Best mileage was on a 349 mile round trip to Seattle last May: 74 MPG. LMPG on this battery is 69.3.
• Interior has normal wear for an 18 year old car. The hatch lift struts are getting weak; they don't always hold the hatch open.
• Exterior is in good shape aside from 18 years of stone chips. Passenger-side wheel spat was broken around 2010 and repaired; passenger-side door trim is decaying from ten years of California sun exposure.
• Windshield was replaced in 2013 due to stone thrown by an open dump truck on I-210 in SoCal; new windshield is water-tight. I now give all $#^%$*@! open dump trucks an even wider berth.
• There isn't any oil dripping so I'm guessing the drain pan plug threads are still in good shape.
• OEM AM/FM/cassette with 6x CD changer in trunk. Original speakers swapped out for much nicer Kenwoods.

From last month's service at Atomic Auto in Portland:
Front tires - 9/32
Rear tires - 9/32
Front brakes - 4-5mm
Rear brakes - 35-40%(drums)

Comes with two regular keys, valet key, remote; Hybrid Automotive Prolong Reconditioning Package (charger and discharger); spare blades for all three wipers; windscreen and rear hatch sun shades; somewhat tattered Weathershield car cover; silver touch-up paint; wheel lug locks inherited from 1st owner.


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I am very interested in your insight. It looks like exactly what I'm looking for. I have $2000 cash ready if your buyer falls through and you want it gone. I'm just down in Salem oregon.
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