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2000 Model headlamp bulbs... which model to use?

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I want to upgrade my bulbs. So I pull out my repair manual and Honda calls for HB2. The local walmart and calls for 9003. calls for H4 bulbs.
I want the PIAA bulbs as they are the best. Yet I want to make sure I order the correct ones before I drop the 60+ on the pair.

HB2, 9003, or H4 :?

Anyone with some info?
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It's all the same. HB2, H4, 9003. In fact I've had one of each "size" in my car. I tried the Piaa looking for whiter brighter light, but only got dimmer blue light. Seriously, I went back to the stock bulbs and noticed they made more light. I finally found the holy grail of halogen bulbs. Trust me on this, Sylvania Silver Star's. The 9003 is the one you want. A pair will run you about $40. On the same wattage they burn brighter and give you more light while a very faint tint gives you 4000 degree Kelvin light which is a lot closer to day light. It's the closest thing to HID you can get spending less than $300. Plus, the Silver Star's are DOT approved too.

BTW, if your truely set on Piaa bulbs I'll shoot you a deal on a slightly used set. :wink:
Thanks for the tip.

Which model of PIAA where you using?

Super Plasma GT-X
Super Plasma
Platinum Super White
Xtreme White
Super Xtreme White

If your looking to sell the bulbs. Put them on Ebay. I've noticed alot of people bidding on them.
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I agree with Rick. The Sylvania Silver Star's (9003) are very good bulbs. I had a pair in my older Porsche before I sold it, and they provided excellent visability. I wish I had kept the bulbs before selling my Porsche off. Oh well.

I'm going to replace the stock bulbs in the Insight soon. They're getting dimmer as they age. I'd say go with the Sylvania Silver Star's.

P.S. 9003 refers to the bulb connector style. It's the old fashioned three blade type. (getting harder to comeby) Most new cars use the sealed connector style now-a-days.
Learn the facts before you buy
Watch the after market bulbs!

Just a heads up, the after market bulbs tend to melt the wiring harnesses. Watch out. I went through 2 sets until I went back to OEM.
Hi All:

___Just a heads up … In the Acura MDX forums, a few have switched to Silver Star’s and most of those have suffered premature bulb failure within months to a year later. No one has an explanation nor does it make sense. Silver Star’s do offer a brighter more natural white light then OEM in the case of the X but they in no way match a good set of 4100K Xenon’s. When I say Xenon’s, I am speaking of the OEM’s as found on many a luxury automobile or kits w/ Ballast’s, Bulb’s, Harness, and Relays. Not the garbage blue bulbs being offered up on Ebay … I did go w/ PIAA’s throughout the interior of the X and they are not as white nor as bright as the stock setup (MDX again) but offer a cooler blue which I personally like vs. the whitish/yellow of the OEM’s. The wife hates the PIAA’s however.

___I don’t know if any of the above will apply to the Insight but I wanted to let many know that there may be a downside to Silver Star’s that some may want to look into before purchase is all. I would keep the OEM’s in the trunk just in case you are away from home if one or the pair decide to burn out …

___Good Luck

___Wayne R. Gerdes
___Hunt Club Farms Landscaping Ltd.
___[email:rxrsrasd][email protected][/email:rxrsrasd]
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Hmm, I had my silverstars for a good 3 months so far and they've been doing well so far. It's probably a good idea to throw a spare in teh back anyways though. I would almost expect slyvania to warranty one if it burnt out so quickly.

BTW I had the Piaa Xtreme in mine briefly. I'm glad I didn't pay full retail for them either, they aren't cheap.

On another note, if I could find a set of headlight's for less than $200 a piece (which so far has been unsuccesful) I may attempt a projector retrofit and get real HID's. The bulb and ballast kit can be bought for about $300, then I've picked out some audi projectors which have a little relay which moved the lense up for a high beam. I think it would be very fitting as the origonal VV concept car did have HID's.

Anyways, my dream there, $$$ will probably get in the way.
Sorry...been away from the forum for a while...busy time at work right now. :cry:

I've had my SilverStar's for about 6 months problem at all. LOVE these headlights. Noticeably whiter light.

The only thing I'm aware of that would be better would be an HID upgrade...but $30 vs $1,000...I can live with the difference :wink:
This old post has more references to SilverStar 9003 headlight bulbs than any other so I thought I would post my experiences here.

I put in a set in March of 2005. One bulb lasted 9 months and the other one 10. I was disappointed at first but after a little research I don't feel so bad. I use my lights almost always and a rough calc revealed that they lasted about 360-400 hours. Sylvania's site only rates them for 150 hours. With over double the rated life I guess I can't complain!

I'm back to the stock 9003's now to save a few bucks and I'll see how that goes.
i ran silverstars in my jeep grand wagoneer for about a year. every 4 months, within a week of each other, i would lose a bulb. never had to replace an oem bulb. bought a set of hella 6054 lamps. brighter, and so far no burn-outs after 2 years or so.
Is it the wiring that can't take the higher wattage or the plastic surrounding the bulb?
I don't think it's either. The Silverstars are the same wattage (can't be higher and be street-legal) as OEM bulbs. I think the filaments just are more brittle in the Silverstars. Just my guess.
I gave up on them, went back to 'regular' halogen bulbs - they've lasted at least twice as long as the Silverstars so far.
I guess I never ran mine long enough to find out before I bought real HID's, but the Silverstars that spent a few months in my Insight are now in another car and are still going strong. They are limited to 13.6 volts though, so that should help the life some.
Silverstar bulbs lasted almost a year for me. I was upset that they quit so early, but ended up buying more anyway. It is a trade off for more light.

thought i'd chime in for the silverstars!!!

Silverstar Headlamps

I replaced both headlamps about 5 weeks ago after one of the stock headlights burned out. I used the Silverstar 9003 headlights and 5 weeks after installation, one already has burned out.

I contacted Sylvania's customer service and they are sending me out a new set (I do have to return the defective bulb.)

Their support center did advise me that the bulbs normally last only 9 months -- that's using them at night and foul weather conditions.

Needless to say, after the replacement bulbs go out, I am going to use the stock bulbs exclusively -- not worth the price!

As a result of previous posts, I put Silverstars in my Insight back in 05/07/2004 (yes, I keep receipts for everything ;) ) and shortly thereafter, on our Dodge van... and have had no problems with burnouts in either vehicle.... Huh... :oops:
I've had a set of silverstars that were in my Civic for 2 years, and have been in my Insight for 8 months now.

Clean bulbs well before installation, don't touch them with fingers.
Silverstar +50%

I have had H4 Osram Silverstar +50% Bulbs in both my Insight's for over 18 months. No failures to date. 8) ... inter.html

Might try some Philips X-treme Power next time one blows. They came out top in the above UK test.

I have thought about upgrading to HID and have a kit in my garage, buy I want it to look neat and there is quite a bit of kit to hide away to make a neat install.
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