Original owner of 2000 Insight. Was planning to restore it myself, but moving and won't have garage available to work on it. Spent 12 years in WA and upstate NY, so it got corroded. Probably more of a parts car, I have most of the parts to restore except rear axle assembly and window weather seals, but it would be an enormous amount of labor to bring it back.
Engine runs, approx 280,000 miles.
2018 Bumblebee replacement IMA working.
New in box stainless steel brakelines
New in Box stainless steel fuel lines
New in box hubs
New in box rotors and discs
New in box tie rod ends
AC working
MT works, but 2nd gear downshifts are grinding

Currently no brakes, except hand brake.

Asking $1700

Will not piece out parts, IMA may be exception