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The starting circuit is relatively simple, and as others mention the ECM in the passenger footwell plays a critical part. There are other components which might be bad or have corroded terminals. It helps a lot to have the starting circuit schematic at hand for systematic "meter" troubleshooting. If you do not have the Electrical Troubleshooting Manual(ETM), you can download it from this link:

Electrical Manual and Other PDF's

When you download the manual and open the files, you will find that the various sections aren't indexed, so it is a bit of a puzzle finding the right file. You want file IS0006021000A.pdf. It is a one page schematic showing the entire starting circuit. With that schematic, you can measure the voltage at critical points and hopefully isolate the problem.

Later: BTW, the following fuses are in play:
Underhood: fuse 1, fuse2
Underdash: fuse9

The wire color codes are frequently helpful in identifying good test points.
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