I am selling my 01 Insight due to circumstances beyond my resources and repair capability.
I acquired this Insight approximately 2 years ago at 247,438 and had the best experience until recently when faced with an IMA light.
It was my main source of transportation for 1 year, then parked and occasionally used for my work commute for the remainder of the time. I faced the IMA issue when colder weather arrived.
OBD2 scan reveals the vague P1449 and no other codes. I have done plenty of research and know the route to attempt to revive the IMA, but I live in an apartment and have no garage to try and trickle charge and discharge the IMA to attempt to revive the battery.
Besides the obvious issue, I have driven the car a couple of times for no more than 30 miles with the fault and can confirm no transmission or engine issues are present. The three repairs that I made while owning the vehicle were a water pump replacement, ECT sensor replacement, and timing chain tensioner seal replacement (due to an oil leak) with OE dealership parts. I have been extremely punctual at performing oil changes at 4k miles due to the high mileage. There is currently a small engine oil leak that I am unable to pinpoint at this time. The vehicle is equipped with an aftermarket underbody steel aero/skid plate. No aftermarket modifications have been done (except for @
jeffffej 's rear spoiler vinyl wrap which looks A1).

I restored the rear liftgate decals to new about a year ago from Honda.

Current mileage is 269,053
Tire tread is 7/32nds front and rear (not equipped with RE92s)
Brakes are 6mm (from last service inspection). No braking vibration or noise.
Trans and engine oil quality are in good condition and to proper fill level.

The vehicle has passed smog and will be smogged prior to sale.

When purchased, I was given an extensive service history report that showed (and with visual proof) the common issues have been addressed. A CarFax report shows maintenance records and will be provided along with replaced parts.

IMA battery assembly has been replaced at 231,960 according to repair order copy provided to me at time of purchase.

The Insight is currently equipped with an external grid charger.
Ground straps have been replaced.
Flywheel and compressor have been replaced in 2021.
The audio system is upgraded to a POLK audio for the front door panel speakers and rear speaker.

Visual flaws: dent on passenger front fender that does make a noise when opening the door.
Roof seams where the common water leak happens was temporarily fixed by using hot glue -___- (not done by me). I never got around to it.
Small ding in passenger rear quarter panel
Roof and hood clear coat is fading

Summary: I don't want to let this beautiful car go, but I can't leave it to deteriorate. It is an amazing machine that introduced me to this wonderful community at insightcentral and has literally always made me smile when I look at it...and for that very same reason I must let it go.

Feel free to ask any questions and I will attempt to respond as soon as possible.

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