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The history of the car is:

-Single owner from new to 60Kmi. Had three batteries. He put it in the garage for a number of years. I bought it.
-I rec'd codes eventually for 02 sensor (pre-cat, a new one is included, not installed)
-After research, I installed a MaxxVolts battery charger. It works correctly. The current IMA was installed in 2014, but not used much. See further description.
-Put new tires on it
-Put new front brakes, including the calipers, pads, and rotors. Water had rusted the old caliper pistons because it had sat for so long.
-All lights, brakes, functions work

It is not beautiful, and has a few scratches (not big) and no dents. It has a worn drivers seat, but no hole-throughs. It has the door-gutter-jam-water ingress problem (see elsewhere on this forum) but it's not big. Also, the front under-bumper valence was recycled as problematic.

It has had only synthetic oil changes from new.

The good side: quiet, newer tires, faithful internals maintenance, 48-52mpg steadily on 87oct fuels. Good brakes/ABS. Emergency brake works.

The bad side: Sitting for seven years created a slight notch in the CVT drive belt, a known, if rare, problem. This creates a vague vibration on startup. I've used it this way for 60Kmi, it's noticeable but not distracting.

I charge the battery to 173VDC every three months, but maybe once/month in the winter. It's great on snow, and is a very calm car. Has the factory stereo with cassette. Comes with two remote key fobs that work.

Reason for selling: Although a two seater was fine, I now occasionally need a four-seater, to my dismay. I had planned for this to be my last car in retirement, but you may know the aphorism about plans. It has a clean title. It will be available September 6th, as I'm having it detailed and will go over it one more time. Love the car. Need a back seat for grandkids.

Also comes with a rebuildable battery core + controller from a derelict. Also has an MaxxVolts IMA charger installed and ready to use.

$3,000 or best, FOB Bloomington, IN

Reply to [email protected] if you have questions. I'm retired and can call you by arrangement most of the time.
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