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2001 Gets a new ECM under warranty

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Well, for those of youwho follow the list, you have read this.

I pulled out of work on Wednesday (oct. 29) and as I pulled out fo the drive the CEL illuminated. I drove to the nearest Honda Dealership (about 3 blocks away) and asked if they could look at it - they (finally) agreed to look at it that day and not to charge me the 78 dollar diagnostic fee. Turns out the Diagnostic Computer says that the ECM is bad and needs a new one. They are covering it under warranty and shared with me that the part retails around 900 dollars.

I am pleased that the big 'H' is taking care of me on this one, however I am a bit displeased that it happened 3 weeks after I bought the car!!

They told me to drive the carhome and when the part came in they would call, they told me it was safe to drive, but my fuel mileage would suffer.
I drove the car to work today - first time since the dealer visit and averaged 26mpg were i normally average 54 - WHOA.

anybody have a related story?

Does anybody make an OBD-II interface that support the proprietary Honda DTCs??? (besides honda, I know we can buy that one, but I am sure it is very pricey)
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Thanks for the reply -

Does you OBD-II tool read the codes that are thrown by the IMA system?

For some reason I was under the impression that you had to have a special decoder to get the IMA DTCs to show - If this is not the case I will just pick up an OBD-II and get the Service Manual.
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