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Hello, and thanks for looking. It has come time to put my 2001 Insight up for sale, so I have decided its time for someone else to enjoy it as I have.


Here are the specs:
2001 Honda Insight with 5 speed manual transmission with a/c
Currently it has 62,375 miles (I do drive it around town so the mileage will go up)

Honda Exterior:
It has factory dark blue paint.
Paint is in very good shape and shines like new. There is one small dent on the front edge of the hood, a few rock chips in the front bumper and hood. There is a few small scratches on the rear bumper where something rubbed it while being loaded or unloaded.
There is a small scrape across the passenger side, it's been buffed out but the marks are still there.
The lower section of the rear bumper, wheel spats, and side skirts are painted gloss black.
It spends most of its time in a garage.
The tail lights on the car are tinted (I have a set of factory tail lights that will go with the car if you don't want the tinted lights)
It has a shark fin antenna and currently a rear wiper delete. (still have the rear wiper assembly to provide with the car)
The rear spoiler on the hatch is new, the old one that was loose on the edge like most older insights
The tires on the car are the factory Bridgestone recommend tires and size with less than 12000 miles on them mounted on the factory insight rims.
When tires were replaced a four wheel alignment was performed.
The front brake pads on vehicle 15000 miles ago with honda factory parts
Rear brakes were inspected and have lots of life left.
As you can see in pictures all under shields are installed and in good shape.

1 Liter, 3 Cylinder Engine:
Since I have owned it i have changed the oil with factory honda oil filters and 0w20 mobile 1 fully synthetic oil every 5000 miles.
25,000 miles ago transmission fluid, clutch fluid, and brake fluid were replaced.
It has a factory accessory block heater installed 3 yrs ago, during that install the coolant was replaced.
New alternator/ac belt and tensioner pulley were installed 15000 miles ago. No problem with old parts, just preventative maintenance.
There is no leaks anywhere on engine or transmission.

Honda Interior:
Seats are in great shape, I put seat covers on it at 28,000 miles on it.
It has original floor mats.
I have installed a new pioneer head unit with Bluetooth audio and hands free calling.
It has JL Audio 6.5" components in the doors and JL audio 6.5" speakers behind the seats.
It has a 100w 4 channel amp driving the speakers installed under the drivers seat.
It has a shoebox sub woofer enclosure with 8" square solo-baric subwoofer installed in it.
It has a 100 watt amp under the passenger seat for the subwoofer.
All stereo equipment is easily removed, I ran new wires for the speakers so no factory wiring was cut.
I have the factory tape deck and factory front speakers.
The windows were tinted 3 years ago.
It has a type R shift knob installed.
New cabin air filter installed 15000 miles ago
Steering wheel is in great shape, not fading or peeling.
Clutch and brake switch mods installed to left of steering wheel.
Comes with obdIi c&c display unit

Battery/Hybrid System:
The battery is wired up for the genesis 1 grid charger, and will come with the grid charger. I have charged the battery several times. The battery is strong and climbs hills very well.
The IMA Hybrid system is great order and I'm confident in traveling in this vehicle.

I am asking $8125 for everything. Car, Genesis grid charger, obd2 c&c gauge. You can contact me on here or my phone number is 512 Seven 6-five 6 six-ten. Thanks for looking!

As with any listing, this is AS-IS, where-is, with no warranty expressed or implied. I'm confident you'll love this car as I do.

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This is a gorgeous, well-preserved example a much cared for car. Wow.

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Yeah, it's hard to let her go. The new Diesel needs her spot though :-|

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The Insight is Sold
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