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2001 Honda insight LOW MILES

The car runs but not well. It does not have full power and I don’t know why. Unless you are during it someone flat in Medford, I recommend you tow or trailer it to your destination. Here’s what I know.

I purchased this car online and went to Vancouver Wa to pick it up on June 20th.

I was told all it needed was a new Hybrid Battery. I soon found out this was not the case.

Between 6/20/20- 6/30/20 I replaced the following:
Hybrid Battery
12 Volt Battery
Grounding Straps
EGR valve & gasket
Spark plugs & wries
PCV valve
Multiple fuses
Hybrid battery Fan fuses

It has the following code p1449 show up.

It has the following lights on the dash: Check engine, Battery, and sometimes the IMA light.

Along with the photos I also have a detailed video of the car and all its details and flaws.
watch here:
my craigslist listing, please see listing to view all photos

HONDA INSIGHT LOW MILES RUN ROUGH - cars & trucks - by owner -...

If you know about these cars or are familiar with hybrids this might be a great opportunity for you. For me, I did everything I know how to do so that is why I am selling it.

Selling for $1500 cash FIRM. no trades


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Please include your Location in your Profile.
Thank you and good luck on the sale.
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