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VIN: JHMZE14741T002130
Car is located in Delaware. It has 2618xx miles on it and I'm the second or third owner, not sure to be honest. I bought the car 2 years ago, I had a job with a long commute, I left that job 3 months after and the car has been sitting since then. I've driven it about 200 miles in the past week and a half, to get a gauge on it. The past 2 days of driving - the hybrid battery gave out after being so strong, not sure if it's just old or could use a grid charge after sitting so long. Over the winter the gear shift became stiff and harder to move. The car gets stuck in P and the key takes some finesse to remove sometimes. The gear shift must be overridden to shift away from P and the car starts right up in Neutral. I'm not sure if it's a major problem or just needs transmission oil. It does have a brand new 12V battery just put in 3 weeks ago. The interior is in decent shape, a few tears on the driver seat, otherwise just could use a scrub, smells like age. The exterior is in good shape, has some bubbling paint next to the logo on the hood. Here's what I've concluded (and I don't know much lol):

It needs:
An O2 sensor (code p1166 on CEL)
A hood latch (it doesn't fly up, just doesn't sit flush)
Windshield wipers
Tires are about 30% tread

I'm asking $1,500 and willing to negotiate. The car does run and drive as is and has a DE T-tag until 4/2. If traveling far, may want to get an oil change as well. I just don't want to put anymore money into it and posting here to save it from the scrap. The dealership went out of business before I received my title after my purchase. I have tracked down the owner of the dealership and will need to purchase a new title for $300. I am willing to let it go without the title for a reduced price. Please allow 60 days to get title if it's a must. Any other questions please email me ([email protected]) or PM me on here.


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