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UPDATED 8/11/20

I’m the third owner, and I purchased in 2009 with 155,264 miles on it. Current mileage is 235,116 (56.6 MPG lifetime average) It has been my everyday car since 2009 and extremely cheap to drive. Current MPG ranges between 40 and 47. Hybrid battery was replaced in Fall of 2016. New tires and brakes 9 months ago. New 12v battery in July 2020. A great project car for the hybrid enthusiast. Located in Dublin, OH, looking for cash buyer only. $1,935 OBO

The car has never been wrecked. It’s just experiencing the normal wear and tear these Insights go through. I’m not sure exactly what is wrong with the IMA system. The last code test I had done in 2016 said that the battery motor control module needed replacing which was interfering with proper charging of the hybrid battery. It was not replaced. The Hybrid battery is currently charging intermittently, but I have not had the battery tested. I have learned many tricks to get it to work. However, continuing to drive without those repairs deteriorates the hybrid battery which will then also have to be replaced.

There are minor body issues; cracked paint on the hood (since it’s aluminum, no rust!), very faded paint on roof (like many of the blue ones from this year), extremely worn carpet driver’s side, no radio (stolen several years ago), and missing two trim pieces above both doors that flew off at two different times - 2 years apart from each other! The catalytic converter is also another code that comes up bad causing a check engine light. Intermittent IMA light.

I wanted to fully restore the car myself, but I finally had to accept that I needed a larger vehicle to be able to transport my elderly mother. She is frail, and unable to get in and out of the cute, little, very low Insight.






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