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I am getting ready to K swap my 2001 MT Insight and will be pulling a lot of good parts out of the car if anyone has a need for them. Currently, the car is running on a hybrid bypass (Arduino and harness) because the battery stopped holding a charge again. I am refreshing the battery pack now and have replaced two bad cells, with a grid charger it should run for a long time (I do not have a grid charger). I purchased a spare harness so that I could run the car with or without the battery. I could definitely make another Arduino setup if there is a need for it. I am relatively familiar with the chassis but I don't have a whole list of parts that I am planning to pull out yet, if you have something you need that is related to the IMA system shoot me a message and make an offer. The car runs strong with 145k on the odometer. I can ship some of the smaller parts, if necessary. The engine will be coming out this weekend.

Parts I know are available:
Hybrid battery bypass - $200
Battery pack - $500
Engine/transmission - ?? Make an offer
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