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Alas, I have changed careers, and it is time to say good bye to my Insight.

My beloved Silver 2001 has 175,000 miles on it, and a new (1 yr old) Bumblebee battery. It's mostly been a town car, so lifetime mpg is 50; averages about 45 in daily use.

I live just outside of Indianapolis in Lafayette (home of Purdue University). I can get a trade-in from a dealer, but I'd much rather have her go to someone who will love and care for her.

The only major issues are a fair number of scratches on the body, the seats are a bit worn, and I lost the knob for the air conditioning. (I will say, though, that it has a pleasing Iron Man sort of look without the knob.)

Otherwise, she got regular service, and has been great! I have all the paperwork from Bumblebee, too. Someone wants to make her shiny and pretty again, right?
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