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Asking Price - $1000
Year - 2001
Color - Blue
Transmission - 5spd manual
Current Mileage - 217K
Location - Bat Cave, NC (42 min. outside Asheville)
High Voltage Battery Age/Condition:
Replaced ~2010 currently not working and has been bypassed to run on gas engine only. Battery pack still in vehicle.
Transmission Condition - Good
Engine or IMA Codes Showing - Unknown since it won't start due to bad gas
Interior Condition Summary - Mostly good, missing heater control knob and back hatch door pistons are bad, has after market radio.
Exterior Condition Summary - Missing trim on drivers door window, some paint damage, missing antenna, drivers side door handle missing, both rear tire shields are still with vehicle.

Vehicle has been in storage for 8 years due to having a child and not being able to have a car seat in it. So the gas in the tank has gone bad. When I hook up a battery, it still attempts to start (engine turns over) and all the dash lights come on. It was running great until I put it in storage. It will need to be towed away from the property so you can work on it or part it out.

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