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It's time to let my beloved 2001 silver Insight go. I've been the one and only owner (bought new in June of 2001) and have kept up with regular maintenance, always at the Honda dealer. Tires are fairly new (though are slightly different than the recommended -- the low friction just wasn't working on the hills of Seattle in the rain). It also has a new IMA from BumbleBee, installed a couple of years ago by Eli himself. The A/C works and the car runs just fine. It's never been involved with any accidents (beyond dings and scrapes from having the car parked in a busy urban neighborhood).

I have to be honest, the exterior doesn't look great. It's been kept outside and it shows. One of the wheel skirts is missing, the driver's side mirror is glued/taped on, and there are cracks in the windshield.

LOW MILEAGE: less than 69K!

$4,400 obo
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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