2001 Monte Carlo Blue MT w/AC. Car has 279-280K miles on it, located near Greenfield, OH. Car currently will not start and I was unable to get the hatch to open today with the button or the key. The last time it ran it did shut systems off very quickly (power steering, power brakes, dashboard lights, etc). Car was last used as a daily driver in 2015. Gears grind when dropping from 2 to 1 and possibly from 3 to 2, it has been a while I don't recall. A/C no longer works as well. I bought it new in Oct 01 (as a replacement to my 2000 silver Insight), although carfax may say there were multiple owners since I moved it from OH to VA and back to OH.

The car took a beating over the years, it has a large dent in the drivers quarter panel, some damage to both bumpers, the passenger front fender is cracked, but all pieces are there.

On a positive note - Despite the injuries it has a clean title. I believe the last time I looked at Carfax it did show there was one accident, which I believe was the 5 car accident. I have both regular keys, valet key, and two key fobs for the car.

Price is Negotiable. I would prefer to sell it in one piece, but would consider parting out.