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Gauging interest to sell outright or part out. I need the oil pan for another insight I have. The car runs and drives fine. There is a crank seal leak. Cheap part, large job. ($5 for part) Any interest please message me for contact information or an offer.

5-Speed Manual
$1000 as-is
Dayton, OH
Original IMA Battery from 2005 - IMA light comes on after battery reset
Fully functioning Transmission
IMA Code shows intermittently. I reset battery and stays off for short bouts.
Interior is fair/worn.
Exterior: Fair/Worn overall.

-Windshield is cracked.
-Right Front Fender (plastic) cracked.
-Hood is severely chipped up (would need a paint job to say the least).
-Oil Pan Not Included


Is this still available? Father-in-law is looking for one.

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If a part-out, Would be interested in the bumpers among other components. Frankly, this specimen seems too close to intact to justify pulling apart though.
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