The Basics:
2001, Silver, 5-speed manual,
210,000 miles + daily driving,
Boston, MA,
IMA battery is bypassed
Check Engine & IMA light are on (codes 0420 and 1648)
Transmission works well
some stains & minor tears on interior,
hood is a bit dented, but exterior looks good,

Spare parts included with car:
  • ReVolt Grid Charger
  • 2 spare wheels with tires
  • 2 spare rear wheel fender skirts
  • copy of the factory service manual
  • extra hybrid battery (I think the original that came with the car)

The Details / Issues:
I've owned and have been driving this car for the last 2.5 years, but am moving to a place where I won't need a car any more. For the first ~6 months I owned it the hybrid battery worked well and I maintained it with the grid charger, but it slowly stopped holding a charge so I bypassed it using these instructions: This means the 12volt only charges in the ~1000-4000rpm range and the car doesn't have much power, but even without the hybrid system it still gets around 45mpg. I believe the hybrid battery currently in the car is ~10 years old, and could perhaps be made good again with some of the cells from the extra battery.

The hybrid bypass & me not driving very often is hard on the 12volt, so it usually needs a jump if it hasn't been running in >1 week, but with more frequent driving it's usually fine. Other annoyances are the wet seatbelt leak, the hood latch is a bit finnicky, there are some tears on the interior upholstery, and the A/C doesn't work. Despite these, I've been happy with it and think the car still drives pretty well for its age.