Hello everyone!

First time poster so bear with me please. Unfortunately my friend borrowed my Insight and “hit a curb” with the passenger front wheel. Looking to see if anyone is interested before I take it to the junkyard.

  • Asking Price - $350 minimum
  • Year - 2001
  • Color - Silver
  • Transmission (5spd/CVT) - CVT
  • Current Mileage -159,000
  • Location - Boston, MA
  • High Voltage Battery Age/Condition - IMA replaced in the last couple years, 12V is 2 weeks old.
  • Transmission Condition - was good when running
  • Engine or IMA Codes Showing - Not before accident
  • Interior Condition Summary - small wear on driver bolster, some small scratches on the dash here and there, pretty mint otherwise, all parts and bits in tact.
  • Exterior Condition Summary - few scratches, front bumper and right fender have some rash due to accident, no cracks on any glass, door exterior trim along base of window could use refinishing, weather seals along bottom of windows need replacement, some peeling paint off panel on passenger side above the door, rusty bits in engine bay from it being a New England car, but no rust on major components/body
  • Mechanical issues prior to accident- AC not working and is bypassed, blower fan works but a little noisy, heat works great, transmission vibrated a little in reverse but I anticipate would have been solved with transmission fluid flush (new oem fluid and filter included in sale), rear hatch open button doesn’t work, needs the connector spliced back in in the B pillar, rear windshield fluid spray doesn’t work (not sure if it’s a clogged line or bad pump, front works fine), steering creaks a little on hard turns but works fine, struts all around are a little creaky but work fine, 4 buttons on bottom of cluster need resoldering of the buttons.
Parts that are damaged from what I can see and will need replacement:
  • Rim, possibly tire too
  • Right Axle
  • Lower control arm
  • Outer tire rod
  • Both airbags
  • Right side VSS
  • Radiator and coolant top off (coolant escaped in accident)
  • Transmission is in unknown condition as axle is sheared off on the transmission side, not sure if it caused any damage. Car starts just fine and still goes through all the gears.
  • Possibly passenger window regulator, window doesn’t stay up anymore
  • I believe strut is OK and no damage to strut tower

Junkyard has quoted me $350 for the car with towing included, so that’s the price to beat. Scheduled to take it away tomorrow 9/10/2022 but can possibly delay a day. Currently parked in a condo complex so needs to be taken away ASAP.

Tow company only needs engine and cats to be in place so I was planning to poach these parts off the car:

  • Both IMA and 12V batteries
  • Door speakers (aftermarket ones that I put on, can include old ones if desired but they are blown
  • AC knob (sentimental keepsake)
  • Rubber mats in the front
  • Front windshield wiper blades

I understand it’s not the best deal but still wanted to post here for first right of refusal; trying to do my part in keeping these vehicles on the road, but at some point I have to be rational.
Parts I plan to poach can be negotiated to stay at the right price. If interested car will have to be towed from my apartment parking lot in Boston, MA. If you want me to hold on to it longer, I can have it towed to my residence near Hartford, CT but price will go up about $600 to cover towing it there.

Let me know if anyone is interested. If I don’t hear back about anything the car will be towed as scheduled on Saturday 9/10/2022 around 4PM EST. This accident happened while I was traveling, so will add updates/photos when I return later today.

Thank you all!