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2002 CVT with 38k mi. One Owner. Recent ad on autotrader and has a ton of pics on dealers website:
Located in Wilmington, NC

I'm looking for a low mi. Insight but I'm passing for the following reasons:
1. Dealer says no history of IMA replacement so he thinks the IMA has not been replaced but he's not sure (guess he could ask the orig owner).
2. CVT has 43.9 LMPG. Mine has 52.4 LMPG. This seems awfully low
3. Its silver and I already have a silver CVT Insight. If it was another color or an MT I probably would have bought this.

Priced at $7995 but will sell for $7500. Guessing this won't last long with only 38k mi. Dealer just listed it and has had a lot of national interest (so he says). I'm going to pass on this and just letting the community know. I'm not connected to this dealer in any way and just passing along info.
Good Luck,
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