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I have a 2002 Honda Insight for sale. I was driving this 60+ miles one way everyday and then the CVT transmission went out. This is a Gen 1 vehicle and the IMA battery is STILL charging strong. This is an ultra rare Honda Hybrid. You will need to tow the vehicle until the transmission is replaced/fixed. I already have three vehicles and a motorcycle and do not really have time for this project. It is a fun car to drive and was really good on gas.

THIS VEHICLE DOES NEED TOWED and A CVT or rebuilt/rebuild/replacement transmission. Since I have not tore it apart I am not 100% sure of the cause of the lack of forward gears.

I have videos of it driving and running. Clean engine. Needs CVT replaced/repaired or rebuilt. I am not sure. Forward gears went out. reverse works but tries to engage the auto-engine stop.

Battery is good and charges great.
Assist works great
Engine is in good/great condition. Most last 300K if not longer. Honda engines are super reliable and built for longevity.

You could purchase this and pay for itself with the savings in gas.

Can hear it run now but does not have forward gears (CVT is out). You can buy a replacement close to Indianapolis (or wherever you find one). They sell on eBay, Craigslist and Etc.

Honda Insight w Air Cond | eBay
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