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The Bumblebee Batteries brand Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) battery is new and was installed 2/23/2020 and the Optima Yellow Top deep cycle battery was installed 10-2019. The Bumblebee IMA battery is warrantied for 1 year and the Optima includes a 3 year warranty with free replacement. The car was also recently tinted by David Wood Tinting, engine air filter and CVT and brake fluids were changed a year ago and front brakes were serviced with new Power Stop rotors and ceramic brake pads installed on 4/19/2020.

She drives like new, with nice cold A/C, and is priced to reflect the new batteries and brakes. I am the second owner. The only significant blemishes are a ding to the rear passenger-side bumber that cause some paint to chip off and noticeable weathering of the roof paint. Asking $4,900 OBO for this fun, reliable car. More details are included below.

-Year: 2002
-Color: Silver
-Transmission (5spd/CVT): CVT
-Current Mileage: 97,650
-Asking Price: $4900 OBO
-Location: Palm Beach County, FL
-High Voltage Battery Age/Condition: IMA replaced 2-23-2020 with new Bumblebee Battery. Battery is in new condition.
-Transmission Condition: Excellent
-Engine or IMA Codes Showing: Yellow check engine light has been on for a while, same as in my other Honda, with no discernible impact on drive quality or performance. Auto Zone was unable to read the code.
-Interior Condition Summary: Very Good, with wear to the top of the steering wheel and only minor wear on a small part of the driver seat and no fabric cuts, rips, or stains.
-Exterior Condition Summary: Good, aside from the area of chipped paint on the bumper and noticeable paint wear on the roof.
VIN #JHMZE147442T001755


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