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I just replaced the IMA battery last winter, got all new tires this summer and just got an oil change! I honestly don't even want to sell it, but have a baby on the way now! Gets amazing mileage and a previous owner installed an amazing bass speaker right behind the driver's seat.

Currently at 225,000 miles, asking $1800

Full disclosure: she needs an engine mount (~$160) and the passenger window has an electrical issue I never debugged and so the window is stuck in the up position for the time being. Everything else is cosmetic (could use a new hood and one of the rear wheel covers is damaged) Passed safety and emissions when I bought it about a year and a half ago. It did belong to a smoker before me so the seats and carpets reflect that. Otherwise perfect little runner car/project.

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As always, everyone will be requesting pictures. Especially of the dash with the engine running.
Good luck with the sell.
PLease include your location in your Profile.
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