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2004 Floor Mats...Interior Color has changed

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I just picked up my 2004 Insight a week ago, and I'm very happy with it! However, I am having minor issues with fit and/or color of OEM floor mats and cargo mat. I ordered the mats from an online source. I called them before placing the order, to make sure I was getting mats for the 2004, since the interior color is lighter than the 2003.

The driver side mat seems to fit, and has a grommet to fit over a floor mat anchor, but the car doesn't have a floor mat anchor. Is the anchor supposed to come with the car, or is it an add-on?

The passenger side mat seems a little too wide, and I think it's probably for a CVT instead of 5-speed. This problem will be fixed easily by an returning it for an exchange.

The only cargo mat that seems to be available (checking part numbers on other web sites and placing a call to Honda's 800#) is the same one that is available for all previous model years, so it doesn't actually match. It is considerably darker than the 2004 interior and floor mats. If it's the only cargo mat available, I guess I'll keep it, but is there any way to find out if there is a 2004 version of the cargo mat coming in the near future?

By the way, to my surprise, my 2004 came with a cargo net. (I had already ordered one of those, too.)
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