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This forum convinced me to try out a honda insight. I love it so far, exactly the kind of car I want. I was just wondering if there were any new tips or recommendations for my 2004 CVT. I seem to only be hitting around ~50 mpg on my trips. I've pumped front tires up to 38 and the back tires up to 35, but it seems to be only slightly marginally better. Any tips?

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The best tip is to include your location in your profile. Other INSIGHTERS in your area may be willing to meet you and show you the "secrets".


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I run an '01 cvt with some success. I'll list some of the things that have the biggest impact for me:

- Big Factor: OEM Bridgestone Potenza RE-92 tires. P165/65's.
- Big Factor: air up your tires to at least sidewall (44 psi), consider airing up more. I run 65 psi. There are risks with increased pressure, be aware.
- Biggest Factor: SLOW DOWN. I run 50 mph on 65 mph highway. Be wary of fast approaching traffic from behind.
- Big Factor: Whenever able, ease off the fuel just a touch (watch your fcd) and 'lock' your foot. You'll get the feel for it the more you drive the car.

Those are some starters. The rest is practice, practice, practice.

Here's a link to an article by Wayne Gerdes over on He talks about hypermiling techniques and how to be safe doing it.
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