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2004 Honda Updates

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This was posted on the Honda-Hybrid group, thought I might post it here too.

If this is true we will actually see some changes to the Insight for next year. They include:

CD Player with four speakers standard
Interior seat color changes from gray to beige
Fuel Consumption meter color change from green to red
Navy Blue Pearl exterior color replaces Monte Carlo Blue Pearl
Seat Belt Reminder System added

Gee, novel concept a CD player which I'm sure most of us have often woundered why they even put a tape player in the Insight in the first place. :wink: As far as the beige interior I think this should be interesting to see. I think it would be good with silver or red, but maybe not with blue. It will also be interesting to see if the new fabric holds up better than the current stuff. Anyone have any clue why they decided red would be better for the FCD? I was kind of hoping they would have brought the light blue color to the US, but I'm assuming Navy Blue will be dark like Monte Carlo Blue. And all the models seem to be getting a seat belt reminder system, not sure what thats all about.

Anyway, I can't say for sure this is real, but I do know that the S2000 is getting all the changes it says on that page so I'll at least assume some credibility for the temple of vtec.
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Rick said:
And all the models seem to be getting a seat belt reminder system, not sure what thats all about.
Yeah that sounds a little odd. We already get an annoying beep and a flashing light. What's the new reminder system, a poke in the ribs?
Hardly seems like major changes - though the green display color is one of my minor peeves. It's almost impossible to see when wearing sunglasses.
Still no cruise control, eh?

I was going to wait to buy my Insight until 2004 in order to get factory installed cruise control. Instead, I bought it in March '03 to protest the unelected one's :roll: preemptive & unilateral war. I'm glad I didn't wait.
Well, looking at Honda web site this list of updates seems to be holding true. The Accord and Civics (hybrid included) are all listed for 2004 already and include all the listed updates. The new civic hybrid gets a new interior color, plus the new color looks awsome. Now so sure I like the newly redesigned rear bumper on it though. Unfortunatel the Insight is still listed as 2003, but I think we can expect these changes to happen as the others have.
Ok this is kinda wierd/funny. I was checking Hondas page to see if they had updated the Insight page to 04 yet (they haven't). But I decided to go take a closer look at the new civic hybrid. Well I clicked on the interior over view and a tumbnail came up for the audio and I knew it looked way too familiar. Well they accidentally posted this picture there.

So here's the CD player the Insight gets.
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I was going to wait to buy my Insight until 2004 in order to get factory installed cruise control.
Is the 2004 really (finally) gonna have cruise??
I'm probably not up to speed on cruise controls, but they probably don't work well on an Insight. Hope others chime in, but cruise controls probably work better on larger engines with conventional automatic transmissions.

Since the Insight has a 995 cc engine, with an electic motor to boost performance to 1.5 liters, downshifting to climb a hill is necessary. If an Insight is traveling in non-rush hour traffic on fairly level roads, a cruise control could probably work.

While it's true a hybrid can be driven like a conventional car, knowing how it works and watching the fuel consumption will significantly increase the milage. The 5-speed Insight is a very hands-on car, but made entertaining by the dashboard. I can keep up with the road warriors and get at least 55 mpg. While I was learning, I got 45 mpg. If let the 2 Fast 2 Furious guys pass you by, you could get 75 mpg.

To save weight, the Insight seat was not padded to be comfortable for long trips. I'm sure the Civic and Prius are more comfortable. I'm considering my first long trip later this year and will report on it.
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'04 will not have cruise control

Lakedude: sorry for the confusion. The '04 will not have cruise control. This is part of the reason I'm happy I didn't wait. I wouldv'e liked cruise control, but it wouldn't have mattered had I waited.

Insighters with aftermarket cruise control (ROSTRA) have been happy with it. I have found it difficult to find someone in the Sacramento region willing to install it. I transferred from engineering to Social Work in '80; I have enough knowledge to know I'd be downright stupid to try to install it myself.
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