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I'm probably not up to speed on cruise controls, but they probably don't work well on an Insight. Hope others chime in, but cruise controls probably work better on larger engines with conventional automatic transmissions.

Since the Insight has a 995 cc engine, with an electic motor to boost performance to 1.5 liters, downshifting to climb a hill is necessary. If an Insight is traveling in non-rush hour traffic on fairly level roads, a cruise control could probably work.

While it's true a hybrid can be driven like a conventional car, knowing how it works and watching the fuel consumption will significantly increase the milage. The 5-speed Insight is a very hands-on car, but made entertaining by the dashboard. I can keep up with the road warriors and get at least 55 mpg. While I was learning, I got 45 mpg. If let the 2 Fast 2 Furious guys pass you by, you could get 75 mpg.

To save weight, the Insight seat was not padded to be comfortable for long trips. I'm sure the Civic and Prius are more comfortable. I'm considering my first long trip later this year and will report on it.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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