2004 New Formula Red MT. Car has 210K miles on it, located near Greenfield, OH. Similar to the blue 2001, the car will start and drive, but does have a lot of issues. This one does need to be jumped to start even with the same battery used that the blue one will start with. We purchased the car in 2008 used, Carfax had shown it was in an accident.

Some of the issues this car has since we bought it, doesn't register the passenger side door open, so the interior light doesn't come on, and it will let you lock the doors with that door open. At times the fuel door won't pop open and the passenger side front turn signal won't work, it acts like the bulb is blown, but if the weather is right, it will work. I believe those issues all stemmed from the accident prior to my purchase.

At this time, the brake lines are rusted, parking brake does work. It is hard to get to start and sputters and dies easily. The IMA is dead, when the car last drove it would shut systems off shortly after starting.

The good - We have both regular keys, valet key, and two key fobs for this car. Clean title.

Price is negotiable. I'd prefer to sell the car whole, but would consider parting out.