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2004 update and my search (incase you're interested

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Found out that the 2004 is shipping as we speak. 2 were on their way to the San Francisco bay area and should arrive in about 2 weeks, but are already spoken for. My dealer searched and found that there were no others on their way to California. (What's happened to the progressive forward thinking in this state?)

Anyway, my search for a used one with a stick was fruitless so I made a deposit on a new 2004. Apparently it isn't even built yet and won't arrive till January. I have to admit that having sworn to never buy a new car I am rather excited and already sure it's worth every cent. Wish I had it right now. Anyway, I'm looking forward to joining you on the road soon and thanks for all the great info on this board!

By the way, can anyone tell me about the tax rebate deal? (Do I get it if I pay for the car this year or when I take possesion?)
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Got my 2003 this month

Hey I know your excitement, I think it took me like 2 yrs to get a new car I went from everything from a MINI to a GOLF TDI to a 04 Prius, but I decided to not spend more than say 15k, well what happened was I left over Insight was available and the price was discounted to like 18k for a new 03 Insight w/CVT and Auto A/C. I originally always wanted a hybrid but initially went in for a civic HX which is another car they dont make enough of! I have lots of answers to lots of questions about the new car and my experience buying it so let me ease your mind about buying it! Again my car was stickered at 21,270. 5k down financing 248 x 60months. I got lucky I used to work for the honda dealership I bought it at so I got a pretty good deal! Its still hard thinking about how long I waited for a car!!!! I am 100% happy I love my car!
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