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We have been looking at a 2004 honda cetified cvt insight with 24,450 miles for about $19,000 asking price versus a new 2006 cvt for $23,070. The used one is in great shape, one local owner, new car warranty etc. Any cons to this one?

Appreciate any advice
Elmer Carlson

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Hi again Elmer,

Sorry to read your still on the fence in regard to an Insight. AFAI remember you had decided against used for all the obvious reasons previously discussed in your other threads.

Specifically, in this case the only down side based on the information you've presented is miles and age of the IMA pack. For the price difference all other things being equal it reads like a good buy. :)

Hope we can count you as a newbie rather than a wanna-be soon. ;) :p

HTH! :)
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