selling my insight shortly an 2005 insight in the silver. With 140k currently on The odo. I was getting around 60 mpg in the summer, when I was attempting to get better miles per gallon. Now I'm still at about 50 mpg. I hit 80 mph daily on my ~50 mile commute each way.

The goods
I has Scott's rear springs, gaz rear shocks, Scott's belly pan, New Bridgestone potenzas as of december. 3 oem "B" plugs,Prolong charger and discharger, one new refinished wheel. A few believe 3 oem oil filters. Hasalpine radio with bluetooth adapter. Mb quart front speakers( minimal cutting and still behind stock speaker cover.Kenwood rear speakers. All in one sub under passenger seat. a smooth shifting 5spd currently in car. spare transmission, spare mounts set,new master cylinder in box, might have a slave too. Fixed the wiring for trunk electric using a deutsch connector ( pic coming). Trunk latch fix.. a folder of previous ower maintenance paperwork I also believe the original window sticker is in there. Oil changed this week. Trunk "insight" carpet . Oem trunk net.
Nj inspected until 2024

The bad
Duct tape on front bumper( was trying to find a driver side strake). I ruined driver side fender removing pin stripe.could use a detail. Missing trunk plastic that covers latch. Aftermarket catalytic converter. it broke at head flange I removed ant welded it back. Has been fine since. I have pic when it cracked (I'll try to upload). There is a occasional click coming from the front driverside only when taking off. Car did sit for about a year before I purchased it.

Car needs nothing...i have been driving this car daily, Id drive this anywhere.selling because I want something newer, already have something lined up.i no longer have the time I used to(kids,career,wife,house) . I originally wanted to k swap it. enjoying the mpgs, while piecing the swap together. I've since purchased a project car (2000 camaro SS) that sees almost none of my time. Might be getting sold soon aswell.

I have a spare transmission for my insight that I'm looking to sell. I will get pictures later on today. But it's an insight 5 speed transmission. that came out of my car it currently have 140k miles so transmission has less than that. It was popping at a second gear if memory serves me well previous owner. I'm also including all the parts that came from Scott to rebuild the transmission synchros,bearings,seals all of that.

Pictures are from when i purchased car. is in nj near newark during the day. Will get up to date photos after a car wash hopefully this week.