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2005 Insight reposting soon

****update Jan 29****
Yeah, parts and time. Glass replaced today. Will repost with an asking price when parts are installed. :)

2005 Honda Insight 5-speed coupe. 2-door hatchback hybrid.
228,309 miles, 5 speed manual transmission
Pearl Blue, located in Central WA, near Yakima.
VIN JHMZE13705S000162

It's been a great commuter for me, crossing mountain passes 4 times a month and lifetime 53 mpg.

Private message me for pictures, email address, or phone number. (I don't yet have enough posts to include links and more than a few pictures.)
Kelly Blue Book private sale value for both “Fair” and “Good” condition is $2117-3113.
CarFax private sale is $1710 (fair) to $2680 (good).

+ Four-year old battery pack from Bumble Bee Batteries :)
+ Currently running winter tires on steel wheels. Cable chains.
+ Summer tires on aluminum wheels. Cable chains. Donut spare.
+ Includes extra passenger side wheel skirt.
+ Lifetime 53 mpg with lots of time at 70 mph.
+ Roadworthy.
+ Serviced regularly.
+ Carfax report.
+ Upgraded door speakers.
+ Radio upgraded, includes Bluetooth phone and music playback capability for some phones, and an auxiliary input jack.
+ Can get a month’s worth of groceries in it. Or a passenger and a golf bag.

1. Rear-ended twice.
2. Hood dinged once, emblem damaged. Need to slam the hood to ensure it locks closed.
3. Carpet wear.
4. Rock chips in hood paint.
5. Small dent in leading (hinge) edge of driver door.
6. One missing wheelskirt-attachment nutplate and one mashed by a tire shop. Some tire shops and some Honda dealers don’t see many of these cars and don’t know how to re-install the wheel skirts. If done wrong, the skirts WILL blow off on the freeway. Recommend installing skirts yourself, and recommend using the included stainless steel bolts, lockwashers, and wingnuts, rather than the $16 OEM screws that don’t seem to stay in the nutplates. I am happy to show how to re-install the skirts.
7. While downshifting to 2nd has for years sounded “crunchy,” it still functions well. Reverse sounds less crunchy. Smile when the dealer’s service writers try to sell you a new clutch.
8. Although it runs and is driveable, driver mirror and pillar garnish trim are being replaced, due to an encounter with an elk.


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