Selling my 2005 CVT insight. It has 182k miles on it. The exterior is in 4/10 shape. Most of the interior has been removed for a sound proofing project that never got finished, it's currently just the two seats inside. I have the interior the hardware for it though. Mechanically speaking, it's in decent shape. Its currently showing the battery degradation code, and will need a new one most likely. I have a prolong grid charger that comes with it, you could probably get by with just reconditiong it though. It could use a valve adjustment and egr plates cleaned. I'm currently getting around 45 or 50mpgs. It comes with some extra parts, new o2 sensor, the side skirts, and a set of the oem wheels to name a few. Its curently on 13" vx wheels. Tires were replaced in the fall and dont have many miles on them. It's due for an oil change, that I may or may not get around to. I have a maitence list attached, see below. I'm available Thursday- Saturdays in Newtown CT. Best to reach me by text 203-364-6808. Y'all have been a nice community to be apart of, thank you for a very insightful 4 years
- Eli

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