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2005 Tokyo Motor Show Preview: 3 Honda Concepts

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These Honda concepts are interesting, especially for small dog owners :) . I like the Sports4 and Wow. Click the additional link for a few pictures: ... s_id=13124

P.S. Here is one that will be of interest to James - the Mazda Senku - a rotary engined hybrid.... ... s_id=13123
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Don't know about the Mazda. On the one hand it's an interesting concept, but on the other, a 4-seat sports car? That's just not possible.

I rather like the idea of the dog-friendly Honda, though - even though mine (about 100 lbs) likes riding in the hatch. She seems to think of it as a den...
Not bad in profile. Get rid of the extra seats, shorten it about 6", and dump the stupid-looking doors, and it might fly :)

But the solar panel on the roof is dumb. Far better to leave the panel on your roof at home, feeding energy to the grid all day.
I'm not sure about the fuel economy. At least with my old RX3, it wasn't too bad on the highway, but made up for it by being terrible around town. (I had to drive long distances - like Phoenix-Las Vegas-Gallup - then, so was usually cruising 80+ and still averaging in the high 20s). So if the hybrid could be used to keep the rotary running at its best efficiency, maybe the fuel economy would be ok.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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