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2005 Tokyo Motor Show Preview: 3 Honda Concepts

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These Honda concepts are interesting, especially for small dog owners :) . I like the Sports4 and Wow. Click the additional link for a few pictures: ... s_id=13124

P.S. Here is one that will be of interest to James - the Mazda Senku - a rotary engined hybrid.... ... s_id=13123
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I think that they must have hired a bunch of completey INSANE people!

However, I like the dog space. If it includes its own cliimate control, that would be ideal. They seem to have a blower pointed at the dog. Perhaps that is to simulate the 'head out the window' feeling since the dog apparently would not be able to do that anylonger when placed in his little dog box space.

The WOW is fun, but I would rather see the flat rear entry like in the Element for easy in and out of stored item.

I am sure they'll fast a few more weaks and when completely delerious come up with some lizard and rat seats as well...
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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