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I just got off the phone with Honda Motorwerks in La Crosse WI. According to the salesperson, Joe B., they just got the catalog for 2005...which included the Insight and apparently new colors as well though he didn't go into details.

Apparently the owner thought they were being discontinued and was going to keep their last blue one for himself. Still waiting for him to make a decision and let me know.
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" France the price at the pumps has only increased maybe 10%, not the 60% I've read about in the states..."

That's easily explained. The actual cost of the gasoline - crude oil, refining, transport, oil company & dealer profit, etc - are pretty much the same on both sides of the Atlantic. So if here, a year ago you had $1.50/gallon gas, then maybe $1 was cost, $.50 was tax. Add $.75 to the cost, and you have $2.25/gallon - big percentage change, right?

But in France, you had say $5/gallon gas, of which $1 was cost, $4 was tax. Increase the cost by the same $.75, and you have $5.75/gallon. Not a big percentage increase...
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