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Actually, Monte Carlo Blue was replaced in 2004 by navy blue, not 2005.....Billy...

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Any spec's on '05 Insight?

Anyone heard of any major changes to
the upcoming '05? Pricing changes? I
still have my '00 5 spd w/ac 57k and
although it runs perfect (100k war) I
just bought what may be the last 5 spd
'04 ac in the states. Drove it back to FL
from NC this week and so far it seems
to drive just like the '00. Here in FL the
price for reg topped $2.00 about 3 wks
ago and the dealers I've spoken with
that have had remaining '04's say their
now selling fast including the CVT's,
which may be all that's left to sell. I
currently have the '04 on blocks in my
garage and am doing the mod's to
correct some of the "insight issues". I
will share info on changes made to the
car soon in the mod's topics. I wanted
to wait for an '05 but with the gas issue
now is the time to sell the '00 and buy
the '04 while their still $20,870. Would
really like any info on any changes to
the '05! Looks like the price of gas
finally got some of the motorheads
attention. Like I shared with Honda
customer relations, the Insight is the
most efficient production vehicle ever
produced (and at a reasonable cost)
and is pure driving excitement.
lmpg 72.8

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So they decided to sell it! Lucky you. When I picked up my 2002 MCBlue from them three weeks ago they were talking about keeping it because the future of the Insight was unknown.

I can't say enough good things about that dealership. First Class!!

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Billy, I see you are right, my bad.

You are absolutely correct. They were extremely friendly and professional. The owner is truly mad for these cars. If they gave you the schedule of events I'll probably be seeing you at one when I can get away. If the schedule has not been posted here I'll try to put it up.

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Back a page or two ago, someone was recommending a Civic hybrid instead of the Insight. I'll just note that when I was waiting for my newer Insight to be prepped by the dealer, they loaned me a Civic (not a hybrid). Driving it, I was disappointed when comparing it to my 1992 Civic that I still drive. The older Civic has a more comfortable, lower seating position and tighter, sportier handling, plus the old one is a hatchback and will carry more stuff.

I love my 1992 Civic with almost 220,000 miles on it (still burns no oil) and I love my 2003 Insight with almost 10,000 miles on it. My neighbor loves his Civic Hybrid and I'm very happy for him, but I'm personally happier with my pair of vehicles. My Civic is my van/pickup truck for carrying up to 5 people or lots of stuff. If the inside is not big enough, I have a 5'x8' trailer.

Then again, today, I commuted to work on my Bike Friday. My wife and I can fold up our bikes and put the two of them in the back of the Insight and still have room for stuff down below and to the sides.

I'm happy with the vehicles in my life.

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Honda Motorwerks

Holicow said:
Honda "Motorwerks"?

Someone's confused..
I grew up in that area, I believe they used to sell VW also.

Honda Motorwerks has plenty of insights last time I checked. I test drove an insight there, but I have a hard time justifying the cost, my '99 Accord does well at around 31 mpg. :(
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