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2006 HCH New pics

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Best pics yet of the new Hybrid Civic: ... all9df.jpg ... all5ug.jpg

For these others, you have to cut and paste on your address bar: ... 0%20(Small)2.JPG ... 1%20(Small)2.JPG ... 4%20(Small)2.JPG

Hybrid model differentiated from lesser models with different headlight treatment, blinkers in the mirrors and the usual lip spoiler, roof antenna and weirdo wheels. A report also mentions a nice blue and gray interior treatment available on the Hybrid.
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These are great pics - how did you get them?
That is Awsome, I want one!
I must admit that is a vast improvement on the old Civic IMA saloon (sedan), as I said in my earlier post the body is more muscular and almost as big as an Accord. Some technical details here: ... php?t=3397

Still in a conundrum about my next car purchase in 2006 - this new Civic IMA, or the new even sexier Euro hatchback Civic with a diesel engine giving both performance and 55 MPG, or (a possibly long) wait for the next hybrid which can out-sex the Insight....
Oh so the center dail is the tach. Very nice! I may have to trade out of my 2001 CVT Insight for this thing. Especially since it's gets the same gas mileage.
The more I think about this car the more I want one. I do like my Insight but the attention it gets is more than I wanted. I prefer a Hybrid that is more mainstream looking.

Anyone know how much room this new Civic Hybrid has compared to the Pruis?

When and at what price will we see it?
The UK is likely to get the new Civic IMA in the spring of 2006 but I would imagine you are likely to get it earlier (for the '2006' range), this winter. In terms of cost, Honda are going to try and push the new Civic as a 'premium' vehicle, competing with the 3 series BMW (in Europe at least).
However I would not expect to see price increases of more than a $1,000 / £1,000 over the existing Civic IMA.
I called a dealer in OKCity to inquire about a Civic Hybrid 06' and I was told by the salesperson the expected delivery date would be around the 1st of Dec. 05
Didn't ask the price but will likely go down on a weekend before long to deal/order. ( will be wifee car)
Here's a good link to pictures and info (if you understand french) on the new Civic for Europe. ... efault.asp
Click on the link 'Cliquez ici pour voir la gallerie photo' (Click here to see the photo gallery) and then scroll to the bottom left corner if you want to see the new instrument panel. Assuming that what is shown in the photo is what will be in the new cars, Honda has elected, wisely, to provide the same kind of info we get in the Insight, namely instanteous fuel consumption, trip fuel consumption, and possibly (can't tell on this one by the photo) lifetime mileage. All of which is rather sweet news for this pilgrim since in my opinion those fuel consumption figures are critical if the objective is to reduce the world's consumption of fuel.

I was also stunned to joyfully read that the next geneation Civic is smaller than the last version. Okay, we're only talking 35 mm shorter but given the standard 30 to 50 mm jump in length the manufacturers usually dump on us, this is downright revolutionary. Apparently the car is also wider than the old version though by how much they don't say.

Hence for me there's no choice at all between the new IMA Civic with the american body and the euro version. The IMA is bigger and heavier and lacks the terrific versatility of the interior found in the euro version. The IMA version also offers zero in the looks department for my eyes whereas the euro version appears to be one very sweet looking car, especially in the two-door version. Toss in that 2,2 liter diesel motor and bingo, looks like a winner for me. Driven intelligently with a keen eye on the fuel consumption guage, thank goodness for that, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see drivers achieve 4L/100, maybe even 3,5L/100, around 60 mpg american.

The only bummer would be the noise at stops; no engine stop mechanism. I have to say I find that slightly odd given that the EU will require all cars to have that capability by maybe 2008 or something like that; I've forgotten the exact year. How that's supposed to work I don't have a clue if the car isn't equipped with something like the Insight's or Prius's systems. Fiat back in the 70's came out with I think it was the Panda with an engine stop device but they dropped that in short order because the cost of replacing all those starter motors under warrenty was killing them! Nevertheless to have the new Civic with that 2,2 L diesel and an engine stop would almost make up for the loss of the Insight. Almost but not quite. I mean there's no way that car would be able to pull down a 350 kilometer tour averaging 2,6L/100 like I can do with my Insight. No way.

Anyway, if you can read french, the article is a good read and if you can't, the pics are good.
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The "Euro" ciVic from this French site is a 5-door hatchback. It ISN'T available in a 2-door version.

The 5-door is made in England. One reason NOT to buy it ! It will only be available in Europe, and no export is planned. I wonder why........
The coupe and the 4-door is made in the US for export. The not yet finalized 2-door ciVic will be made in Japan, also for export.
More on the 2006 HCH from ... A9178.html

the HCH looks very smart in its dark colour
I must say I'm looking forward to the new Civic...don't get me wrong the old one was nice, however they definitely got some new personality this time around...

Here is link to a forum chat with some other pics. It's a few posts down.
There's some nice pictures and a first drive of the UK Civic Hybrid in this week's Autoexpress. They gave it four stars (out of 5), 0-60 is listed as 11.3 seconds, MPG about 60. Link below: ... c_ima.html
So the numbers are 50/50 epa mpg city/highway, vs. 60/51 for the Prius, 61/66 for the manual Insight, 57/56 for the CVT Insight, and 47/48 for the original CVT HCH. It's only 5% better on EPA than the old HCH--I was hoping for more.

BUT, Honda claims it will beat the Prius by one pont in real-world driving (43.6 mpg vs. 42.5 mpg).

We'll have to wait to find out how it compares on hypermiling!

Is that new HCH a 5 speed or Auto?

If the 50/50MPG is a manual that's not very impressive at all.
As I understand it, it's only available in CVT--that's what the 50/50 is.

Tonight I saw a TV commercial for the new Civic Hybrid. Now I want one more than ever!
Ours is ordered, Magnetic Pearl. Drove the EX version the other day, Honda has done a great job on the new car. Very BMW 3 series look on rear quarter.

Seats are very sportscar like, really good side bolsters. Dashboard is enormous. Great visibility of the new speedometer way out front there.
pics from HONDA:

i'll be trading in my 2001 civic LX for one of these, next month. :wink:

how do y'all feel about the 2-tone interior? i think i can get used to it.
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