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2006 Honda Insight
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  • Asking Price: $2000 OBO
  • Year: 2006
  • Color: Red
  • Transmission: 5 Speed
  • Current Mileage: 318,820
  • Location: Mohton, PA. Near Maple Grove Raceway.
  • High Voltage Battery Age/Condition: IMA light is on. Battery has been bypassed to move the car around.
  • Transmission Condition: Smooth shifting with some grinding when down shifting into 2nd. Double clutching is your friend.
  • Engine or IMA Codes Showing: Both IMA and CEL are on. I can't find notes of what the exact codes are but IMA was due to a bad cell and CEL was O2 sensor related.
  • Interior Condition Summary: Tan interior in good condition without any major issues outside normal wear of a car that's been sat in for 319k miles.
  • Exterior Condition Summary: Red paint is in OK shape for a car that has been on the road as much as this one. The front of the car has tons of rock chips from inordinate amounts of drafting/tailgating. Wheels and roof were Plastidipped in black after I got it. Drivers side was side swiped with only minor surface damage to the paint. Rear right corner of the bumper valance is damaged.
Quick Summary:
I bought this car for my 120 mile daily commute, after I switched jobs the car sat for the past 4 years. I made attempts to drive it on weekends but eventually the battery pack gave out and it was moved to a friends shop where the car has sat for the past 3 years. It drove great when it was in regular use and I really got into hypermiling often getting 80mpg per tank. The car already had over 200k when i got it and I'm certain the lifetime mpg has never been reset as I couldn't make a dent in it at a solid 62.5mpg.

The good: Decent condition last model year 5 speed car. Never had any issues while it was in regular use.
The bad: Has sat for 3-4 years. IMA and CEL on. We think brake line has a leak somewhere but unconfirmed.

I feel this is a perfect parts car or for someone that is familiar with Insights. Great starting point for someone that is looking for a swap project.

Looking to sell ASAP. Open to cash offers. PA title. Will need to be trailered.
IMPORTANT NOTE: I do not live in the area (2+ hours away in NY) so showing the car is difficult. I will do my best to answer questions and provide pics and hope that whoever wants to purchase the car is serious about it. Thanks! -JB

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