I am selling a bunch of parts from my 2006 K swapped project. I am unsure of fair prices on some items, so I’m willing to hear offers.

Local pickup preferred. Shipping available on everything within reason, if you add the cost.

The car: 2006, manual transmission, AC, 277k miles, ran and drove

1. Engine - Sold

2. Manual Transmission - Sold

3. Secondary Catalytic Converter - Sold

ECM, BCM, MCM - price reduction - $25 + shipping each
All available.

5. Front axles - $50 for both
The passenger side axel looks relatively new. driver has some paint falling off. The passenger side CV joint popped out when I was removing it. I assume it can be popped back into place? Correct me if I’m wrong.

6. Dead IMA battery - Sold
Untested, unknown condition, did not attempt grid charging. Orange sticks. Previous owner said battery had been bypassed in the car for 2 years.

7. DC-DC converter - Sold
Working condition.