I'm leaving the country so I'd like the car to be in good hands.

ODO 127K miles. last tank ran over 300 miles. current mpg is around 48-49
include battery charger from RB Batteries. IMA codes show up once in a while when I miss frequent battery recalibration with the RB kit.
tires needed to be replaced soon.
the the inspecting mechanic told me when i bought the car to replace the brake pad soon but I haven't and i have put around 2000 miles since. The brakes feel solid to me. I'll include a brand new brake kit bought from Amazon with rotors and brake pads.
leather seats are very comfortable. clean interior, no odor.
external pain is peeling off but i like the matte look. small leak wets driver side seat belt. it appears only this last rain season.
3 brand new C position spark plugs installed around 500 miles ago. also include 3 E3 Spark Plugs.

asking for $4000. price is negotiable.
feel free to ask for more details.