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2011 Insight Blackstone Labs Analysis

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So I just sent an oil sample in for analysis after having gone over by 56 miles according to the maintenance minder. I've had my car for a bit over a year now (bought used with 9k miles) and this is my 3rd oil change. Past 2 oil changes have been at 15% and 10% remaining, this time I just couldn't fit in an oil change in time. According to Blackstone they were surprised as to how clean the oil was for 12k miles and would suggest trying 13k.

I won't be trying the 13k mile interval until my hondacare expires in a couple of years, but thought this was interesting.

I tried searching the forum for others' experience with Blackstone labs and their I2, but found nothing, but suggestions to use them. Thought I would share my results everyone.

For those curious about my driving conditions, I have a 40-60min (~30mi) one way highway commute to get to work with a small 530ft hill in between home and work.

I've attached a copy of my report.
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What oil are you using? That interval is mostly what I do every interval lately. I'm about to hit 100k miles. I use Mobil 1 0w20.
Those rhino ramps look pretty cool in the stores ...

I use a pair of logs that were carved up to be ramps.
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