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2011 Insight Blackstone Labs Analysis

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So I just sent an oil sample in for analysis after having gone over by 56 miles according to the maintenance minder. I've had my car for a bit over a year now (bought used with 9k miles) and this is my 3rd oil change. Past 2 oil changes have been at 15% and 10% remaining, this time I just couldn't fit in an oil change in time. According to Blackstone they were surprised as to how clean the oil was for 12k miles and would suggest trying 13k.

I won't be trying the 13k mile interval until my hondacare expires in a couple of years, but thought this was interesting.

I tried searching the forum for others' experience with Blackstone labs and their I2, but found nothing, but suggestions to use them. Thought I would share my results everyone.

For those curious about my driving conditions, I have a 40-60min (~30mi) one way highway commute to get to work with a small 530ft hill in between home and work.

I've attached a copy of my report.
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Well time to resurrect this thread for the final time. My poor 2011 Insight was declared a total loss after being rear-ended on the highway about a week after I sent off this oil sample for analysis.

Here's the link to the sample analysis in case anyone is curious to see how the Insight engines tend to burn. The sample was taken with 149,247mi on the engine and 10,815mi on the oil.
My 2011 EX died w/150,711 miles :cry:
wow that's awesome! what was your city/highway driving style? Not a lot of cold starts I imagine!
I have a daily roundtrip commute of 34mi/54km w/an elevation change of ~1150ft/350m between work and home. Most of my driving is primarily highway and I'd say I sit in about 30 min of slow moving traffic (20mph/30kph) in each direction. No, I definitely don't have too many cold starts. Every once in while it might get down to 30f/-1c when coming home in the evenings from work in January and I think the coldest I've driven/parked the car is 20f/-7c when driving through our local mountains in winter.

Sadly I still haven't bought a replacement for my dead gen 2 Insight. I'm leaning towards a plugin hybrid this time around. I'm going back and forth between the Clarity Plug-In or the Hyundai Ioniq Plug-In.
wow that's awesome thanks for the story and the stats! Good luck with your purchase! Ya both are solid vehicles, I'm icky about Hyundai as when I was shopping for a used hybrid the 2011 sonatas were going for a really cheap price so I was raising my eyebrow over its depreciated value lol

but ya I plan to do an analysis sometime in the winter for city driving and lots of cold starts so it will be interesting to see the upcoming data. Ironically I scored this insight for a really good deal so I can sympathize how you feel ;)
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