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Hey everyone,

I just picked up a '14 Base model last week, and i'm already trying to mod it. The biggest hurdle i'm running into is the liftgate trim. My Insight has a big chrome strip like the one pictured here

The real problem with it is that the badges are molded in

The older models just have badges and can be easily removed, and it looks like the liftgate itself was designed differently as the strip where the Honda "H" only extends to the inside of the liftgate

Can the whole strip be removed? Do I need to get new body panels?

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Welcome aboard. :)

You know, I made a smart *** remark shortly after I got mines that Honda should do a chrome trim piece between the turn signals and reverse lights like how the new Chevy Impala has. Sure enough the next release they did just that. :D

Id have to see a better close up, but I believe it does pop off.

Plan B is to cover it in plasti dip. :cool:
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