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from Jackmpg, new member
1. You will need the service manual and FOLLOW THE PRECAUTIONS FOR
ACCESSING THE IPU AREA(under the trunk). The IMA battery assembly
is on the passenger side. There are two silver boxes on top of it, the BCM is the on the drivers side. Inside the IMA are 10 batt packs. The connector to check is the one on the rear of the BCM. All info along with the pin-outs
and instructions will be found in the service manual, page 12-91. You will
be measuring the static voltages of each of the batt packs. The service
manual states that if ANY two-test volts vary more than 1.2vdc you are to
replace the IMA battery assembly.
2. Also check the BCM. The connector to check is the one in front on the
passenger side. The spec is 1k to 10k ohm's between the black and red
wires. Info in service manual on page 12-90. If out of spec service manual
states to replace the BCM.
3. I'm always experimenting: I recently read a message at the Honda-
Hybrid site @ yahoo about an issue with the engine ground cable located near engine air filter above trans. I inspected mine, appeared crystallized(heat?). I removed it along with the bracket below it. There was PAINT
ON THE CONTACT SURFACES! I removed the paint, cleaned all, sprayed
with lubricated contact cleaner(Radio Shack). As a former Dealership
mechanic I am aware of the weird issues that can be caused by weak
or bad grounds. My insight normally recals once or more a day. Since
the repair it hasn't suffered a recal in 8 days now. We'll see....
Another observation: Since the ground repair- if I drive 1st or 2nd gear
above 3600 rpm when the IMA dash indicator is down a few bars the
car will charge four bars(kinda like a recal or ECM reset) till the batt is
topped off. Or if stopped in neutral and holding engine above 3600 rpm,
batt will top off but will continue to show charge four bars as long as
3600 rpm maintained.
Any ideas? Any would be appreciated, please reply or post.
Thanks, Jackmpg [email protected]
P.S. I believe the insight to be the most efficient production vehicle ever
made at a reasonable cost & will continue to buy them as long as
They’re produced. The recal issue WILL be resolved. After a life of
technology I do not know of anyone who's heard of a battery
system that cannot be regulated without a reset.
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