I Have 2 Insights for sale:

1 - Red 2000 M/T - 206K - Needs Work - $2400
2 - SILVER 2000 M/T 188K - Tracking down P1443 Code "High Voltage Contactor Stuck open" - DC/DC not charging the 12V battery - $3400

Both Run and Drive - 2 Minor issues - Red One Needs Driver window Regulator and motor (It's missing), Windshield cracked down the middle, Tires are old but hold air, Transmission grinds when shifting down to 1st or 2nd, Upshifts good, engine runs good, Starts, stops, assists, charges, Auto-Stops, new ignition cylinder so there's 2 different keys. While rerouting the battery cable, I pulled the plastic brake resevoir off of the master cylinder. Brakes need to be bled.