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41.5 lmpg on a 40,000 mile car!!!

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Probably the worst MPG ever!
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Its pretty close to where I work I might go test drive it.
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...and it's a non-AC car, so they can't even claim it was the Georgia summer heat that pulled it down. Probably someone bought it and drove it like a normal car without bothering to use all the "tips and tricks" I know when I first started to drive the insight, my habbit from the old 5-speed days was to pop the tranny in neutral when coasting to a stop and be ready for what ever gear I needed to start rolling again, or already be in neutral for the stop. That kills the IMA battery pretty quick though because it doesn't get any regen. This car probably has a big slug of 10W-30 sludge in the crankcase and 25psi tires all the way around, too.
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