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41.5 lmpg on a 40,000 mile car!!!

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Probably the worst MPG ever!
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Its pretty close to where I work I might go test drive it.
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ME TOO - 41 MPG !!! AND now it's jerking - stuttering!!

I was so proud to be a Hybrid owner - 3 years ago. I was told the mpg would increase after the car has been driven a bit. After about 3000 miles...the digital mpg reader went from 40 - to 41 - and has stayed there ever since - throughout all the 22300 miles I put on the car.
Despite - extremely regular maintenance at same honda dealer, driving slowly, gently, in constant 60-70 degree ocean side temps in southern california, constantly checking tire pressure....etc...

I don't like to complain....I appreciate Honda for providing the Hybrid I figured either the mpg meter was broken....or....the mpg I was getting was good enough for me.

AFter a couple years, Insight started to stutter and jerk at low rpms....had service guys do test drive....they couldn't 'duplicate the problem.' Oh well.....if I have to live with that, so be it. But troublesome....cause it's getting worse....

But recently - needing more room - I planned to buy a Honda Civic Hybrid 4 door - and sell my Insight.

Had lots of potential buyers answer my ad for I went ahead and bought Civic. Folks came to test drive my Insight - woudn't buy it - cause damn car is now jerking - OBVIOUSLY - and CONSTANTLY.

Honda revokes my no money down loan for Civic - cause I still own Insight - takes every penny I have on credit card - to pay the 20% down on Civic to keep my interest rate from shooting up.

I take Insight back to dealer - and LEAVE IT THERE FOR A WEEK - so they can hopefully - DUPLICATE THE PROBLEM!.

Oh that - they say - HONDA SAYS THAT JERKING is NORMAL for these cars. NORMAL!!! Normal for it to NOT be there for the first couple years, but get progressively WORSE over time!!!

WHAT the HELL. I'm ready to sue. I hate to do it - cause I want to support those who brought out the Hybrid technology.....but I'm a poor little working stiff - who could barely afford to buy the $21,000 Insight in the first place, or the $21,000 Hybrid Civic!

Moreover - I've shown extreme dealer service loyalty - paying them for every bit of service, maintenance...that was recommended - and now they acted like I was an idiot when I suggest that it sounds like I have a serious fuel injection problem....and am not getting better gas milage!

Shouldn't these people OFFER suggestions! Shouldn't theyl tell me about RECALLS - for my car - and SUGGEST to me that I have the fixes done??
NO - apparently - from what I've been reading - recall and warranty work doesn't PAY well - so they DON'T SUGGEST S**T - IF IT'S A REPAIR, OR SERVICE THAT'S SUPPOSED TO BE COVERED UNDER YOUR WARRANTY.

Class Action Anyone? I've checked with lawyer and lemon laws already - we all clearly have a case. I'm just still hoping to can figure out how to fix these issues on my own - or at other service station - before I have to take that route.

NOTICE how HONDA does NOT allow consumers to see copies of their SERVICE BULLETINS.........

ALso - I've had a zillion other little problems too. None was too serious - all Honda has fixed thus far - except the CLUNKING sound I hear after the first time I have to hit the brakes, when the engine is cold.

They couldn't duplicate that either apparently - but when my service guy told me I needed - a bunch of new brake work that my warranty didn't cover - I paid for all that without question - of course.

Maybe I've been too damn nice.

I'm losing $650 a month for the Insight car payment, insurance, and parking spot for it - and hours of my time spent driving back and forth to service station - while trying to figure this out!!!

Any suggestions.......offers to represent me in court...would be appreciated.

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