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5-speed gear oil

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Has anyone used amsoil 75w90 gear oil in the 5-speed tranny? What is
different or special about Honda manual transmission oil? :D I understand the amsoil gear oil increases fuel mileage.
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I tried Redline transmission oil in Miata one time because when the transmission is cold, it's tough to get it into first gear. ("They're all like that.") I went back to the recommended dino oil because while the Redline stuff made it a bit easier to shift when cold, it was too thin when warm. You could beat the synchronizers pretty easily.

My view is that the car companies pay their engineers big bucks to design the cars, and that the best thing to do is what the engineers say. Speaking as an engineer... :)
Hey John, I think there actually is a difference between the SAE Gear viscosity number scale and the SAE Crankcase viscosity number scale. The difference between the types of oil is the additives, but the viscosity of 85W weight gear oil is the same as 30 weight crankcase oil.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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