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5% Tint Pictures

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I finally got the pictures up of my honda insight with 5% tint...

Here Are the pictures - click here
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Is it me or does it seem like the glass itself has a slight tint to it?
No its not you. The glass has a slight green tint to it. if you bought your car brand new read the window sticker. I have it right in front of me under *EXTERIOR FEATURES* it says, "Heat-Rejecting Green-Tinted Glass".

Also, for the record I have read people are getting more mpg that when honda states yes with my CVT it says 57 city and 56 highway... but underneath it in smaller print it says depending on driving conditions and options city CVT models can get anywhere from 48-66mpg city, and 47-65mpg highway, which in my case is correct because the most MPG I ever had after the use of a full tank was 66.8. Highway I have not reached 65 mpg the highest I have ever had on the highway was 58mpg, maybe if i didn't have a/c i could hit 65+ mpg on the highway.

And did anyone see the special on hybrids on CNN they were saying that no one gets the actual gas milage posted, and they are not worth buying if you want to save gas. Personally i think they dont know how to drive a car, either that or they did not really test the car they went around and took a poll from american hotrod car eunthusiests.
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There was an honest writer that mentioned the EPA does not simulate today's driving in their tests. Don't single out hybrids: the EPA figures are exaggarated for all vehicles by at least 20%.
I personally find that for the Insight the EPA ratings are in fact too low (I speak for the 5 speed). With just a little care it is very easy to beat the EPA rated mpg for your lmpg. Obviously, for trips and tanks of gas you can beat by at least 20 or 30 mpg. Even for the long haul of lifetime ownership, high 60s is pretty easy to beat unless you live in the Arctic where there aren't many Insights at all!

I think the average lmpg for the people in this group is over that?
Sweet. Looks great. Did you have it done Pro?
yes. Audio Excellence... only people i could get to do the 5% on the front windows
5%?? No way is that legal. How long do you think until you get a ticket?

(unless FL has different laws, but I don't think so..)
Yes, it is illegal. But the honda insight looks really inocent, so the cops never bother me with it, but I know a lot of people have gotten tickets for illegal tint. Its another great reason to own a honda. I was pulled over for speeding couple weeks ago going 86 in a 65, and the cop saw the tint, started talking to me about my car, then said he really liked my car, and came back with a ticket for 74 in a 65 a $45 ticket. My license plate cover is also illegal you cant see it from an angle because it has a holograophic insert in it. I have not been pulled over for that in my insight, i was pulled over twice for it in about a week when it was on my civic.

I love my innocent looking insight...
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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